For the pre-order products, Hobby-Genki is offering 2 solutions:

- If you want to pay you order at the moment you are placing it:

  • Please proceed to checkout and at step 4 choose your usual payment method: Credit Card (powered by Stripe) or Paypal to validate your order.

- If you want to use Hobby-Genki Buy Now Pay Later System:

  • With this method, you don't have to pay anything at the order's time.

To enable the Pay Later option, you can only combine Eligible for Pay Later items. If your order is made up of Non-Eligible and Eligible for Pay Later items, the Pay Later Option will not be available. 

Eligible for Pay Later items are described as so on the product page. 

Once you have placed the products you want to buy using the Pay later method, please proceed as normally to check-out, and at the step 4, choose the payment method: "Buy Now Pay Later".
To validate the Pay Later, just use the button ''Order with obligation to pay". 

You can then pay for your order at any time by going to the Buy Now Pay Later section (by checking your account page / homepage) and by clicking on the "Pay" button of the order you want to process (on that section, you can also find various information as: the due date of the Pay later order, your transaction history etc...)

If your pre-order has not yet been paid we will send you, by emails, some reminders before the due date of the Pay Later. Please fulfill the payment before the deadline to finalize your pre-order. If not, your order will be cancelled automatically.


For orders involving an already release product (stock item) and a pre order product:

  -Please note that the order will only be ship when the pre order product is released.

If you wish to have the stock product ship first please place 2 different orders so the pre order item is not included.

When placing a buy now pay later order with multiple products that have this option :

  -The full payment will be required for the deadline of the first released product of the order.

If the payment is not fulfill by the first deadline the order will be fully cancelled.

Cancellation request:

  -We normally do not accept cancellation of any kind of orders.

We can make an exception for buy now pay later order in the event that we are notified early, around a month before the release of the order you wish to cancel. Any abuse will be concluded by an account closure.


  -Pre-orders are sent from the day of the official release in Japan (packages are usually shipped within 4 business days).