Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Noriaki Kakyoin Doll Mascot Pouch


Available on: mercredi, 30 septembre, 2020

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure From Stardust Crusaders

The mascot pouch of Noriaki Kakyoin who has passed the soul is back!

Defeated in the soul-to-soul battle with Terence T. Derby,

It is a mascot pouch that reproduces the doll of Noriaki Kakyoin who has lost his soul.

If you wear this mascot pouch, you will stay with Kakyoin all the time.



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[Size] About width 70 x height 250 mm

[Material] 100% polyester (boa, twill)

    With fastener

[Production area] China

[Target age] 15 years old and over

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