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Dragon Ball Carddass Premium set Vol.5


Available on: jeudi, 14 janvier, 2021

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A new series that covers all 30 bullets from the popular Dragon Ball Carddass has started!
"Dragon Ball Carddass Premium set Vol.5" contains 170 types from 17 to 20 bullets.
A full complete set that includes a special 6-pocket binder that can store all cards and a special booklet.
In addition, one new card and one revival commemorative card using newly drawn illustrations are also included! !!

The strongest collection series that Dragon Ball fans must see, which combines nostalgia and newness! !!



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[Set contents]
・ Dragon Ball Card Das (170 types)
・ Newly drawn card (1 type)
・ Resurrection commemorative card Vol.5 (1 type)
・ Special 6-pocket binder (1 book)
・ Refill (16 sheets)
・ Binder partition ( 1 type) 4 sheets)
・ Scouter card (1 sheet)
・ Special booklet (1 sheet)

[Product material]
Binder body: Paper ・ PP
Binder Fastener: ABS ・ PP
Refill: PP
Normal card: Paper ・ PP
card : PET ・ PP Scouter card : PVC

[Target age]
9 years old and over

Approx. W285 x D270 x H53 mm

[Production area]
Cards, etc ... Made in Japan

* The specification of the prism tack of the card is a sticker.
* The cards included in this product and past cards are not the same design.
* Some cards have specifications in which the characters of Scouter Orchid cannot be confirmed.
* Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
* The designs and product images shown are under development and may differ from the actual product.
* Product specifications and shipping dates are subject to change without notice. Please note.


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